Tricolored Japanese stamps

HANKO JAPONISM consists of 3 deferent color stamps with a square ruler.

HANKO JAPONISM are truly unique stamps.

You can easily get a beautiful three-colored imprint like a small woodblock print just by stamping three different colored square 37 millimeter stamps once along the included square ruler.

Famous Japanese characters such as a woman in kimono, samurai, and Ninja appear in the foreground with scenes including Mt. Fuji, a castle, or Five-story pagoda in the background. Traditional Japanese or floral patterns are also placed in the four corners like a frame.

HANKO JAPONISM comes in 10 different designs, each with 2 different color schemes.

They can even be Portraitalized with the owner's name. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to add a name at the shop.

All stamps come with refillable ink, so separate ink pads are not needed. The stamps can be used for a long time by refilling them with special ink. We would recommend buying ink refills together with HANKO JAPONISM if you live outside Japan.

Please note that the stamps will become unusable if not refilled with the proper ink below.

By combining woodblock printing, manga comics and stamps, 3 symbols of Japanese culture, HANKO JAPONISM makes fun souvenirs.

We have newly launched HANKO JAPONISM®-digital Hanko stamps.
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[Ready-made self-inking stamps]

Woman in kimono




[Personalized self-inking stamps]

Woman in kimono + name

Ninja(woman) + name

Samurai + name

Ninja(man) + name

[Sold separately]

Stamp ink refills